Want to get a little closer to nature? Our round pole timber, Scots Pine, has fabulous natural properties making it durable and very strong. After the trees are grown for up to 30 years, the complete tree trunks are stripped of their bark and rough materials to be left in all their natural glory. The timber is then dried, treated and cut to size; ready to be constructed into our famous round-pole swing sets.

The heartwood on Scots Pine timber is surrounded by softer sapwood which is susceptible to changes in the environment, causing some splits in the wood. This is a completely natural occurrence and doesn’t affect the strength or integrity of the timber in any way. Our 3.3m frames are load tested to hold a 500kg weight – that’s the same as a polar bear - for over one hour with no damage!

For extra reassurance and to ensure it is as resilient as possible, our round pole timber is vacuum pressure treated to safeguard it against wood-destroying insects and fungi that can sometimes cause wood rot. As a result of the copper-based pressure treatment solution interacting with the resin in the wood, occasionally a green mottling can appear on the pole. It’s completely harmless and we like to think that this only adds to the charm of the timber. If not to your taste you can carefully sand away any surface scaling or discolouration on the poles.

Like with our dimensional timber, we do recommend annually treating your round pole swing set with a water based stain.