From sapling to swing set… Find out how we transform our trees.

Our square cut timber is manufactured from Norwegian Spruce and Scots Pine, native to the woodlands of Northern and Central Europe. Trees selected for our square cut wood products are grown for 90 to 110 years before they are strong enough to be transformed into your outdoor toy.

The square cut wood is relatively low maintenance and weathers into a soft silver-grey colour. We recommend that you treat your square cut timber set with a water-based stain each year to get the optimum life from your product. You may also want to sand down any small splinters that may occur.

This hardy timber is very versatile and can be cut and sawn into different wood profiles, making it the perfect choice for Plum® play equipment of all shapes and sizes. Find it on our Lookout Tower, our Single Swing and our Palm Beach Sand Pit with Canopy.