Plum Trampoline Spare Parts

    How to find your trampoline product code

    Trampoline product codes should be 9 characters long (with the exception of the In-ground trampolines), eg: 30163AB82.

    If you purchased your trampoline on the Plum website, you can find the product code on your sales invoice (shown as SKU code).

    Plum trampolines made from 2014 onwards will have a sticker on one of the legs with the product code printed on it.

    If you cannot find the sticker or if your product code is shorter than 9 characters (but not an In-ground trampoline), you can answer a series of questions to identify your trampoline.


    Choose genuine approved Plum spare parts for your trampoline to ensure the perfect fit, integrity and performance.

    All trampoline spare parts purchased via our website have the Plum stamp of approval, with six months warranty on all replacement components.